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TikTok Advertising

People now spend more time On TikTok than YouTube, Facebook, or Netflix.

We offer creative production and media buying services with an infrastructure developed over the past five years. 

Our roster of 120+ UGC creators that are trained in marketing performance techniques, and more than anything conversion. Each of the creators has created between 500 and 3,000 creatives for different social platforms and have followers within the range of 50 to 2.5 million. They are able to turn video creative around within 48 hours and they hold cross-sectional demographic coverage.

Being one of the leading advertisers on TikTok has allowed for the formation of an exclusive TikTok business partnership. To that end, this joint business venture partnership with TikTok has given us a number of privileges. In fact, a majority of our clients who media buy through us, who then try to media buy themselves, come back shortly afterward due to the privileges we hold.

We have access to advanced targeting options. We are able to target individual cities within a five-square-mile radius. Those who do not have a TikTok partnership established will only be able to broadly target geographic regions. When we collaborate with you from a media buying perspective, we will start analysing your competitors and more importantly how your competitors are advertising on TikTok. This is highly advantageous as we will are able to pull these insights over to your campaign, ultimately giving you the opportunity to leapfrog ahead of your competition in two ways; a targeting perspective and creative production perspective.

TikTok is a fickle creature. If you happen to open a TikTok advertising account tomorrow and proceed to launch 10 UGC video creatives on the platform approximately 75% will get rejected for one of two reasons. The first being, the product or brand violates the advertising guidelines, and the second being, the algorithm is so new it would rather play it safe. When an advert is rejected it takes between 24 hours to 48 hours to get the ticket you put forward resolved. Due to our partnership with TikTok, we have a dedicated compliance team, based in North America and China, who are dedicated to providing our clients with 24/7 support to resolve such issues. Rejected video creatives will be addressed within 4 hours to maximise campaign uptime.

Having a dedicated team at TikTok means we can guarantee campaigns will remain optimised and monitored at all times. They make it their priority to monitor the creative daily and in doing so are able to pinpoint its potential devaluation by the algorithm before the dip in performance is made visible. Keeping all of our campaigns at peak performance has had a huge impact on conversions. If you aren’t convinced, just see what our statistics say below.

Additionally, if you are not happy with our roster of creators we have access to the entire TikTok top creator network. This means we can help your brand to align with any TikTok celebrity or influencer you request for. 

Finally, all of our CPCs and CPMs are grandfathered. We firmly believe TikTok will continue on an upward trajectory for years to come causing competition amongst advertisers to intensify. In fact, it is the first non-Facebook app to hit 3B downloads. This is a double-edged sword as there will be more users to target, but more advert purchases will cause CPM rates to go up. However, unlike other agencies, our CPMs will stay the same, which will allow the cost of your campaign to stay highly competitive.

Our advertising optimisation cycle is continuously evolving. As first-movers to TikTok, we know exactly what content resonates with the platform’s audience, how to create content that converts, and how to target them on a granular level. 


How are businesses using TikTok ads?

They are leveraging hashtags challenges as this is a unique TikTok format proving useful to reach new audiences. With this approach, the goal is to go viral by creating a challenge and incentivising users to participate. An example is the #GuacDance launched by Chiptole. Additionally, UGC-style videos as TikTok users don’t like “ads that feel like ads”. This is a space where users want to interact with others in an entertaining fashion that with a subtle hint of selling.

How are you different from other agencies?

We are selective about the partnerships we forge. It is important for us to work alongside clients who buy into our business model and are committed to a meaningful, results-driven, long-term relationship.

Additionally, we steer clear of pitching the same plan to every potential client we choose to engage with. Instead, we much prefer to build tailor-made podcast strategies for each client.

Why should I consider moving ad spend from Facebook to TikTok?

It remains the most downloaded social platform on both Google Play and App store with 800 milllion active users. 44% of these users are between 25 to 44 years old. From a targeting perspective, you can appeal to everyone who is actively purchasing online effectively.

Plus, your Cost Per Click/Cost Per Thousand Impressions is roughly 1/3rd of both FB/Google. Your dollar goes farther.

How much does this service cost?

Every company we work with has unique goals and a unique budget. This information is taken into account when making recommendations on the overall campaign spend. Our methodology allows us to cut costs and offer competitive market rates. That said if you are looking to get a TikTok ad campaign in motion you should have a minimum of £5,000 available to spend. Once we have completed a consultation with your company we will be in a position to provide definite figures.


TikTok ads by the numbers.



We have generated north of 1 billion impressions for our clients.



Over the past five years we have run 35,000 campaigns.



Our team is responsible for over 2 million conversions.

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