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Turn your thoughts into thought leadership.

We help brands truly understand and leverage the power of podcast interviews and podcast advertising. Brands use Mavolos to grow their audience and effectively monetise their podcast content.

Podcast Marketing

Get huge brand exposure in front of an engaged audience by taking advantage of our podcast advertising services.

We offer both podcast advertising and podcast sponsorships.

Our podcast sponsorships focus on CEO interviews. Since our goal is to position CEOs as the top authorities of their industries, we produce the right questions for CEOs to answer and source the right podcast hosts to share these answers on. Above all, we look at the industry, category, and the audience of the podcast (where they are based, age, occupation, etc.). It’s all for nothing if the people who are listening to it are not predominantly your target.

We offer two kinds of podcast ads: show-specific host-read ads, voiced by series talent, and listener-targeted ads. Our podcast advertising combines a best-in-class targeted audience marketplace with host/producer read show selections. Right now we offer a collection of shows across comedy, self-help, sports, health, and fitness, news, true crime, ad more.

Based on your goals and approach to podcast advertising, we can do either host read, influencer read podcast voices. Blending these options on the same campaign allows you to experience the best of both worlds. The host-read ads are an incredibly compelling way to ensure your message resonates with listeners. Listeners develop a true relationship with the hosts they listen to, and when a trusted host lends their voice to your brand, listeners take that seriously.

With our in-house ad studio, we create custom pre-recorded spots, unique for podcast listeners, that sound native to the medium. You tell us who you are looking to reach. We work with you on copy. We create custom ad units for your review and then target the exact demographics you are after.

We can target listeners by age, gender, income, education level, marital status, geography, and more. If you are looking to reach millennial moms earning £75k per year we can target them. Unlike our competitors, we start with deterministic data that ties back to the specific IP address downloading a given episode of a podcast, supplemented with probabilistic data from industry-leading surveys, panels, and audience sampling.

Our targeted audience marketplace works across three data providers in Neustar, Claritas, and Experian using deterministic data sets or past actionable behavioral, psychographic, and demographic information based on IP matching of listeners. Right now we have 800+ series participants and 10,000+ targetable segments across the U.S. 

We are ready to find the right shows, and the right hosts, for your message.


How does podcast advertising work?

Podcast advertising works by paying to have your product, service, or business mentioned by the podcasts your target audience listen and subscribe to.

For example, your company may choose to sponsor a podcast, and the podcast host will organically discuss your brand. Some podcasts run more traditional, radio-style ad spots while some hosts will more organically share their experience with your brand.

How are you different from other agencies?

We are selective about the partnerships we forge. It is important for us to work alongside clients who buy into our business model and are committed to a meaningful, results-driven, long-term relationship.

Additionally, we steer clear of pitching the same plan to every potential client we choose to engage with. Instead, we much prefer to build tailor-made podcast strategies for each client. 

What podcast ad types do you offer?

We offer two kinds of podcast ads: show-specific host-read ads, voiced by series talent, and listener-targeted ads. While many campaigns combine both kinds of spots, you are in control. We will work with you to build the best podcast campaign for your needs. With more than 1,000 shows in our targeted pool and network of shows, we have a huge range of options to build the most robust podcast campaign possible.

How much does this service cost?

Every company we work with has unique goals and a unique budget. This information is taken into account when making recommendations on the overall campaign spend. Our methodology allows us to cut costs and offer competitive market rates. That said if you are looking to get a podcast marketing campaign in motion you should have a minimum of £7,000 available to spend. Once we have completed a consultation with your company we will be in a position to provide definite figures. 


Podcast ads by the numbers.


Series Participants

Such as Intermittent Fasting Stories, Tig & Cheryl: True Story, EDGE Football Podcast, A Cup of Tea and Chat with Allie & Bean, Snapped: Women who Murder, and more.


Listener Segments

Combined with geo, category, and episode topic targeting.


Content Categories

Including comedy, movies, entertainment, health & wellness, business & politics, true crime, and more.

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