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The Mavolos Guarantee

The Mavolos Guarantee is our standard of quality across the company. Use this page to understand what to expect when working with Mavolos. We cover standards across our services as well as across how we interact with our customers.

At the end of the day, we do not:

  • Guarantee specific business results or targets
  • Guarantee virality
  • Provide refunds if we delivered services to our specification

We ask that customers are also fair and honest with their requests. If you run into an issue with one of your orders, please be sure to reach out so we can try and make it right. Charging back a transaction will have your account blacklisted, not to mention harshly tut-tutted internally.


Despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee your content will go viral as a result of a forum-based campaign. Nor can we guarantee specific results or traffic targets. 

If your posts are being significantly rejected by the Reddit community, we will not continue seeding comments & votes to support the post we’ve provided and perceive this as useful feedback on your project. At this stage, we will provide you the option to redirect the unused portion of your already paid budget either to our other services or put the campaign on pause while the company independently evaluates the feedback.

We will monitor the Reddit post for 12 hours. During that time we’ll continue to respond to organic comments, add upvotes/downvotes as needed.


We will come up with a list of general topics (around 7 in general) which they feel comfortable talking about and have real expertise in. This list is the one we present to the Podcasts hosts we work with so they have a base guideline to base their questions around. We will run any topic suggestion from the host by you to ensure you can share the most amount of value with the Podcast’s audience. However, the hosts of the podcast will ask the questions they think are a better fit for their audience and we can’t have full control over that. 

For podcast interviews, we look at the industry, category, and the audience of the podcast (where they are based, age, occupation, etc.). We also take into account things like the estimated number of monthly listeners, number of reviews on platforms like Apple Podcasts, how big is the host’s social audience, just to name a few.

We guarantee that we will accurately reflect the information you submit open ordering, or later through an order message. Further, we will share the target podcasts for your approval prior to arranging a podcast interview.

If needed, we allow one round of revision to Company Information, Target URL, Blurb & biography drafts prior to publishing.

Mavolos will not provide refunds as long as the services were delivered per the description on the services page.


We guarantee that the content will be delivered on time, and at a comparable level of quality as our content samples, or we’ll replace it.

The Mavolos Guarantee doesn’t cover marketing metrics, such as the amount of traffic generated, organic page, impressions, or conversion rate. views.

Mavolos will not provide refunds as long as the services are delivered to meet all of the standard inclusions outlined above.

Beta Testing

Any claims made or examples given are believed to be accurate, however, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase. Any testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

We guarantee that we will reach out to the allocated number of prospects with a tried-and-tested targeting and outreach strategy that meets the average response rate stated. However, the success of each company depends on the attractiveness of the offer proposition, your brands online presence, accuracy of targeted audience as well as other factors not always known and sometimes beyond control. Therefore, we may need to increase the number of prospects or boost your profile with add on’s during your campaign to achieve your goals. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results we have stated. You recognise any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital. We can’t force you to take action, so therefore we cannot promise success.

We only use public data to find business leads. Spam is not accepted. If you have any questions please contact us.


We guarantee a 2X ROAS for every TikTok campaign.

Despite the weekly structures of our TikTok packages, we will require a minimum of one month’s commitment for any package. This is because it takes a significant amount of time to get a campaign set up and optimal results are seen in week two as this is typically when the campaign testing has been completed. Your pixel will warm up and this is when your pixels will truly start being optimised. Therefore, for us to deliver the highest level of service longer commitments are optimal.

CVR or Conversion rates cannot be guaranteed as there are several factors at play such as target demographic size, geographic targeting size, product viability on the platform if the type of product is already saturating the market, and creative performance. Not all creatives will drive conversions, that’s why it takes multiple creatives to find the right “winners” then replicate those styles and/or use those creators for others going forward, etc. 

Also, nothing is more impactful on conversion than how a landing page/funnel on the client’s end is constructed. We know we can drive clicks, cheaper and more efficiently than anyone else, but if it’s not easy for the customer to make a purchase once they click through then regardless of how good the ads are, and how well put together the campaign is, it will fall flat.

Quora Answers & Quora Marketing

 These are the quality standards we hold our Quora answering services to.

  • The Mavolos Guarantee ensures that all of the content will be delivered as outlined on the Quora services pages and reported in the tracking sheet.
  • We guarantee that the content will remain on Quora (uncollapsed) for one month, or we’ll replace it.

Exceptions to the Mavolos Guarantee

  • If the customer selects their own question targets
  • If the customer provides their own content or a portion of the content
  • If the content relates to high-risk categories, such as the adult industry, casinos, gambling, or pharmaceutical.

Post Replacement Policy

In the case that a post is removed/locked by moderators within the first 12 hours, we will replace the entire managed post up to 2 times every 5 campaigns.

The Mavolos Guarantee does not

  • Guarantee specific results or traffic targets.
  • Promise our clients that their campaign or content will go viral as a result of a campaign.

Chargebacks by customers

In cases when customers maliciously initiate chargebacks for services delivered as outlined, we reserve our right to fight claims and submit cases to payment processors. We also reserve the right to refuse any and all future services to such clients as well as to take down any posts/deliverables executed under the disputed service.